Innovation of VAIE: Personalized Education

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Many parents don’t seem to understand the concept of innovation in VAIE. To gain an in-depth understanding of the word, as a matter of fact, one simply needs to closely observe the day-to-day learning of VAIE students. Every aspect of their learning is a full reflection of how Mr. Ken Grover, principal consultant of VAIE, sees educational reform that he shared in the United States and the world at large: only personalized education can bring forth truly fair education.    


Ken Grover

principal consultant of VAIE

Well-known U.S. education specialist

About twenty years of experience working as president of prestigious U.S. senior high schools

Master of science and technology education from the Brigham Young University

Personalized Education in the Context of Innovation


Every student exhibits different levels of mastery in knowledge. Parents are often concerned that what if my kid can’t catch up with other students because of his low level of proficiency in mathematics, and what if my kid only learns about simple knowledge as most of his classmates have average performance in chemistry. Actually such concerns have been addressed by VAIE!

First of all, each student of VAIE has his/her own learning schedule. Soon after the enrollment, VAIE will conduct an academic ability evaluation on each student. Then in the computer VAIE provides for respective student, the online learning platform will immediately display a learning plan that best fits him/her.

If a student is not good at a certain subject, will he/she fail to catch up with other students? What to do if he/she falls behind?


In VAIE, a weak foundation of a certain subject doesn’t mean no potential for further improvement.

After a student is enrolled into VAIE, what courses he/she will take are not determined by what grade he/she is in, but planned by his/her mastery of knowledge. Furthermore, students will be evaluated in the beginning of each learning stage in respect of each subject to learn about their levels of mastery. Even though some students are not so excellent in a specific subject as others are, he/she will learn in a pace that best fits him/her. As the courses are to be completed within a specific period, all courses will be eventually completed within the specified time.

Certainly, high-performing students can continue to learn more advanced courses after finishing certain courses, and don’t have to wait for other students.

Moreover, personalized education is reflected not only in course planning, but also in our support of knowledge that the students are interested in.


For instance, a student has a particular interest in cars and the teacher provides him with plenty of materials about automobile engines. Another student had an idea of conducting an experiment in the biotomy class and his idea was seconded by his science teacher. Another case in point was that a student successfully developed a potato cannonball after discussions with the science teacher about the feasibility and hazards of fuels and reliability of cannonball materials.